Creating Great User Documents: A Hands-On Course


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You Can Create Great User Documents.  Here's How this Course Will Guide You to Success.


This Course guides you through a complete method for writing effective, correct User Documents, in the shortest possible time, with the least stress.  In the Course, you will write the actual User Document you need to create for your real-life work. 

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This Course is Designed to Guide the New Writer to Create Great User Documents

Here are some of the writing problems the Course helps you beat.

This Course is Focused on User Documentation

"Technical Writing" courses must be broad enough to cover all of the aspects of the field of technical writing.  The "Great User Documents" Course is focused on only one thing: creating great User Documents.

Return on Investment: A Course is a Time Machine

A course is a time machine.  It enables you to get up to productive speed in the shortest time.  Students of mine in California, USA, and Milan, Italy, told me that they could learn my materials in six months on their own.  They were comparing six months of personal study with a five-day face-to-face Course .  Think of the money the Course saved their organizations.

In fact this is the basis of how I present the resources on this Website.  I present two versions:

  1. The structure of how to write Great User Documents, some general information, and references to where to find the information.  This is for those of you who want to investigate and use my structure for writing Great User Documents, and have the time and energy to learn the details on your own.
  2. As a complete Course.  This builds on the structure that you see on this Website, adding all the details and material that you will need to guide you through creating the Great User Document that you need to for your work.  (You can use a non-work case study if you have no real-life project to work on.)

Most "Technical Writing" Courses Degenerate into Grammar Courses

Most courses and books that deal with "technical writing" ultimately degenerate into courses on grammar.  They probably do this because it is easy.  All they need to do is re-hash the grammar rules.

The Great User Documents Course does not focus on grammar.  In fact, we only present one item of grammar: personal pronouns.  And our rule is to avoid them if there is the slightest chance of ambiguity in your Readers' minds.

To ensure that your writing is grammatical, we suggest that you hire an editor.  We tell you where to find excellent editors for a low cost. 

This Course versus a Live Course:

Common knowledge says that a live course should be better than one that you take via a computer, as you do with this Course.  I would like to counter that common knowledge:

Your Note Taking

Course materials for a live course are just headings.  They are often outline topics and diagrams.  In order to make sense of them later, the student has to take notes to explain the materials on the handouts.  If you have a bad day, and your notes suffer, then you will not understand the fine details of the material when you return to your work and have to apply those details.

The materials of the Great User Documents Course are meant to stand alone.  They are complete in what they have to teach you.  There are both written and audio components to help you through the exciting task of creating a great User Document.


This is no longer fun!

Away from Work versus Guiding You Through Writing

When you take a live Course, everything is structured.  You get presented the material, work on a case study, and then are sent off to apply what you learned to your real-life work.

This Great User Documents Course teaches you what you need to know, feel and believe, and guides you through the creation of your real-life User Document. 

Making Your Decision

Examine the Course Syllabus.   This syllabus is the main page of the Course itself.

I suggest that you look over some of the articles that I have written.  You will be able to understand my thinking about User Documentation.    Click here for the Articles.

If you like the way I think, then the Course is probably a good fit for you.

Course Format

The Course is available free, no-strings-attached, as a download here.

The Course does not install any software on your computer.  The Course is a collection of HTML, mp3, and .rtf files that your existing software presents to you.


This Course deals with such topics as:

All of which should help you write great User Documents with less stress.

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