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Welcome to greatuserdocs.com.  I'm Barry Millman, president of Igetitnow! Training, Inc., the corporation that owns this website.  I would like to tell you a bit about Igetitnow! Training, and me.

I created Igetitnow! Training in 1998 to market my computer-based QNX (a real-time microcomputer operating system) "System Management" and "Real Time Programming" Courses.  I sold these Courses worldwide to a great variety of companies (see below).  Many of my students did not speak English (the language of the Courses) as their primary language. 

The Courses were universally well received. 

Some of My Customers

My Guarantee

I offered a 60 day money-back guarantee, and e-mail support on the Course topics for one year.  I had no requests for refunds nor did I have any questions about the material.  (Actually, that's not true.  Two students asked about particular topics as soon as they received the Courses.  I replied that the material that they wanted was covered in detail later in the Course.  I would be happy to answer their questions when they had covered the material.  No questions came.)

The Great User Docs Course doesn't need a guarantee, as it's free.  There is no direct e-mail support for the Great User Docs Course.

Moving Away from QNX

QNX moved on to new and radically different versions, and I decided not to follow them around.  So I got out of the QNX education business. 

It only took a little thought to recall that my passion had always been great communication and to help others to provide good information.  I coined the term "Information Oversights," annoying situations where organizations and people leave out information that their audience needs.  (There's a link on my resume page to some of my writing about this.)

I realized that a crying need for good information existed in the field of User Documentation writing.  Here is where my great communication concepts could become tangible, and benefit the most people.

I spent about six years creating the Great User Documents Course.  It guides the student through creating the User Documents that he/she needs to create for his/her real work.  The Course is the current focus of Igetitnow! Training, Inc.

Mission Statement (oh wow)

I'm not really big on mission statements.  Those that I have seen always remind me of the complex, empty statements expressed in business comics. 

But some deep thought about the aims (mission) of GreatUserDocs resulted in two points that make up our mission statement. 

Our mission is to:


It's Not Really About Me

Although I run Igetitnow! Training, Inc., this website is not about me.  (But my resume is available here.)

And it's not about you either.

It's only about the Readers of your User Document.  Let's do the best for them.

Barry Millman, Ph.D.