Why I Am Giving Away the Course Free


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I Want My Work and Ideas to Help People

I pride myself on my ideas that help people.  However I am not a marketing person.  Thus instead of trying to convince you to buy the Course (and making it a safe purchase with a guarantee), I would prefer to let the Course market itself.

The only way I see to do this is to make the Course a free no-strings-attached download, and let Users make a donation if the Course is of benefit to them.

I Believe in User-Supported Content

I've been a consultant for most of my professional life.  I would not expect to be re-hired if my work was not top quality.  That's how I like to work, and that's how the Great User Docs Course is distributed.

"You're a Better Teacher than Businessman"

A quote from my wife, and it's true.

Less Stress, More Freedom

With this free distribution method, I will not have to try to convince people to buy the Course.  Less stress. 

I can focus my attention on other projects that interest me.

Thus This Free Marketing Method is Win-Win-Win

You Win

You get a Course that will guide you in creating GREAT User Documents. 

Your Users Win

They get an easy-to-use document that makes them effective with your product.  Your Organization wins because its customers are happier with the product.

I Win