New-Writer: You Can Create Great User Documents


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Your Background

Look, you've made it through the education system.  You have a job.  Some people think highly enough of you to hire you and have you on their project.

You may have had bad experiences in the past with writing.  Your teachers might not have approved of your writing style or informality, or something.

And now you have been assigned to write the User Document (manual, instructions, whatever) for a product that your company makes or sells.

But don't panic!  We have some resources to help you

You have more skills than you think.

Here's an article to help you overcome your fear.

What to Do

You need to get some support.  Whoever has assigned you to the writing task should provide the support that you need.  I describe that support in the Do It Yourself guide and in detail in my Course.

  I strongly suggest that you look into taking my Course.  My Course:

Download the Course free here.

Please do not confuse this Course with general "Technical Writing" courses.  General courses talk about business writing, scientific writing, and grammar. 
My Course focuses on only one thing: helping you produce a GREAT User Document.  It guides you from start to pre-production in producing the best possible User Document in the shortest time with the least stress.