Mike Hawk on a Rock   (2011)


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Back Story

Full Name:  "Mike Hawk on a Rock...Downvote: It's not even a Hawk, it's a Rooster"

This piece is a Reddit joke, without using the Reddit alien.  The inspiration was a glass cube with a rooster engraved inside it.  The Mike Hawk idea blossomed immediately in my mind.  Unfortunately, the glass cube was very difficult to light, so I discarded it in favour of a wire sculpture that I made.

Technical Details

Media:  Mixed Media, illuminated by three LED's.

Size:  38 cm by 120 cm high.

Mounting:  Free-standing.

Light Source:  Three  Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) powered from 120 Volt AC line via a power adapter.  Measured power consumption is less than 2 Watts.

Notes:  This is a slightly pornographic work.  First there's the name "Mike Hawk" as if a male is talking of his anatomy.  Second is the shape of the piece.  (Actually, the shape of the entire piece is that of the back leg of the rooster inside the birdhouse.)
























Looking Inside:                                   Glowing Top:






















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