Light?  (2011)


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Back Story

Two things came together to inspire this piece.  First, I found a beautiful glass shade (which I had to get sand blasted to produce the desired effect).  Second, I had built a small shelf on an art deco mirror using cedar that I stained in mahogany and coated with Urethane.  I loved the way the wood looked.

The horizontal portion of the piece is a stylized hand (outlining a cityscape) offering the light.

Technical Details:

Media:  Mixed media (glass, wood)

Size:  110 cm high by 13 cm wide

Mounting:  Wall, with a single attachment

Light Source:  Multiple Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) powered from the 120 Volt AC line via a power adapter.

NOTES:  The images below show the piece in an unfinished form (especially hiding the wiring). 
               The colour rendition of my camera does not do justice to the richness of the colour of the light.

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