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Your Primary Concern when producing User Documentation is to protect your organization (that is, your company). 

You must include the correct legal information in your User Document so that your company is protected.  For this reason you should have your company’s legal department examine the “Legal” Information in your User Document.


This information is needed for the "Read This First" section of your User Document.

Now is the time to get (or ask for, or arrange to get) the following information to go in your document (examine User Documentation for other products in your industry for some ideas here also):

O     Disclaimers

O     Legal Notices, including:

O     Safety Information

O     Other "Read This First" information

Much of this you can find from documentation for similar products or your legal department.  This information is relatively standard across an industry or a product.  Look over the legal information in User Documentation for other products in your industry for the wording and formatting of this information.

Gathering this information is to be done in parallel -- at the same time -- as the other tasks in this Course.  You are not to stop and wait for this information to come to you.  As it arrives, spend a few moments to properly file it away, so you will have it when you need it to write the "Read This First" section of your User Documentation, which we will do later.

Make sure that your legal department checks this information for:

O     Completeness

O     Safety for your customer

O     Legal safety for your organization

O     That you have not plagiarized the information

O     Any other legal problems that might arise from what you include or leave out.




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