Humanities Majors: Start Your Career


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Here's a Way to Start a Writing Career

The lousy jokes about humanities (English, History, etc.) majors getting low paying jobs can end for you.  You can become an employee or a freelance writer of User Documents.  But not just "User Documents" but GREAT User Documents.

Become a Writer of Great User Documents

The jobs of humanities graduates are the butt of many jokes; so are User Documents.  Let's combine these two jokes, and create something great.  And that great something is YOU writing GREAT User Documents.

You Have the Stuff to Do It!

In your career as a student, you spent a lot of time researching and writing.  Most of your professors graded your papers on your writing as well as what you wrote.

Add Some Skills to Yours

My [FREE] Great User Documents Course will guide you through the creation of GREAT User Documents.  You can find out more about the Course here.

The Course is an absolutely free, complete, no-strings-attached download.

Here's the Plan

Read the entire plan over, and see if it's what you want to do.

Download and take the Great User Documents Course.

Click here to go to the download page.

Get Some Experience

Do this by giving your services away free, usually to non-profit organizations.  What "products" do non-profit organizations make?  Probably none, but they often need to write procedures, guidelines, How-To's, etc.  These are the User Documents that you can write for them.

The benefits doing this include:

Market Yourself to Paying Customers

Sorry, I really can't help you here.  I am not a marketing person.  My specialty is the Course.

However you could get some information from the internet (lots of folks selling marketing courses), use a library, buy books, whatever. 

Hopefully, Smile More than You Did Before This Exercise Began

And maybe make a donation for the Course.