Oh, Gaudi!
I've Lost My Head (2012)


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One of our lamps is missing!

Tension builds as the missing lamp's mount discovers, and reaches for, its head (lamp globe).  Mysteriously, even though the head lies on the ground, it still glows.

Another puzzle: Why jigsaw puzzle pieces on the pedestal?

The foundation of the piece is an old brass oil lamp.  It is reminiscent of a Middle Eastern style, and a mosaic pattern would nicely complement it.

Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish Catalan architect, was a genius.  He used broken pieces of ceramic as mosaics in his work. This piece employs jigsaw puzzle pieces to provide a mosaic of colour and excitement for the pedestal, as did Gaudi .

It is a bit gaudy, isn't it?  (But fun.)

Technical Details

Media:  Mixed: brass oil lamp, marbles, wood, jigsaw puzzle pieces. 

Size:  Height, 130 cm.  Pedestal base is 32 cm square.

Mounting:  Free-standing on its own pedestal.  May be placed  on a table or shelf.

Light Source:  Five Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) powered from 120 Volt AC line via a power adapter.  Measured power consumption is less than 2 Watts.

Notes:  Although the lamp is brass, it is electrically isolated from the circuitry of the lamp.  The brass lamp and LEDs can be separated from the pedestal, to be used on a shelf.  The top globe projects a gentle light on the ceiling.

Aaaargh!  My camera makes the pedestal look much more gaudy than it really is.


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