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Frequently Asked Questions

The Course is the Express Route to Your Great User Document.

General Questions About the Course

Who Is the Intended Audience of this Course?

This Course is intended for new or experienced writers who have to create User Documents for any kind of product, presented in any format. 

My motivation for creating this Course was to help non-writers who are assigned to write a User Document.  The Course has the breadth and depth to satisfy those with any level of writing experience.

For a more detailed description, please look at this page from the Course itself.

How much time does it take to complete the Course?

It Takes NO Time at All!

If you properly use the Course, and let it guide you through the creation of your User Document, then the Course will add NO time to (and may even reduce the time of) the writing project.  All of the time that you would spend figuring out what to write, how to write it, and how to organize everything is eliminated, since the Course answers those questions (and many more).  

"Answers" is not the right word to use.  Because the Course doesn't simply say something about writing and leave it at that.  The Course guides you through the creation of the best possible User Document for your product.  It presents the steps that you need to take, from startup of the writing project, through final approval of your writing.  When you finish the Course, you will be well on your way to finishing your User Document. 

It Takes Time if You Use the Course Incorrectly

If you were to simply read the Course, and not create documentation (either for your product, or a product you choose as a case study), then you should be able to go through the Course in about five days (as if you were in a class).  The Course includes about seven hours of mp3 audio.

But the proper way to use the Course is to let it guide you through the User Document that you need to create for your real-life product.

What's covered in the Course?

This page (click here) presents the overall structure of the Course, as well as some active links to sample pages from the Course.

What's the Format of the Course

The Course is a series of linked HTML files that you view in your web browser.  It also includes about seven hours of mp3 audio, and some Rich Text Files (openable in almost all word processors) for Course templates and other information that you can incorporate into your User Documents.

Download the Course free here.

Would the Course Structure Work with Our Content Management System (CMS)?

Yes.  Although we do not deal with any particular piece of software in the Course, our writing method produces modules which can be incorporated into your existing CMS.

Why Do You Capitalize "User" and "Reader"

This is to remind all of us who is most important in the writer-reader relationship (there, I didn't capitalize "reader").   These relationships exist between me and you (right now) and between you and your reader.