Shadowboxed Cloud Showing Data Transfer and Data Loss (2012)


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In the 21st Century, computing spends a lot of its time with its head and data in the cloud.  This piece shows the cloud charged with data, transferring some of it between itself and computers on the earth.  Alas, there is always a bit of data loss, as depicted by the data stream exiting from the bottom of the frame.

Technical Details

Media:  Acrylic on canvas, Electroluminescent Wire, wood shadow box.

Size:  55 cm wide, by 44 cm high, by 7 cm deep.

Mounting:  Wall mounted with single attachment.

Light Source:  Electroluminescent (EL) Wire powered from two AA 1 1/2 Volt batteries (at the bottom of the frame).

Notes:  Does that cloud look a little like a brain?  Is the bottom center of the cloud smiling, happy to be of service?

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