Where You Will Be When You Finish this Course


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Where You Will Be When You Finish this Course. 1

Skills. 1

Attitude. 1

You Are Now A Professional Writer1

Knowledge. 2

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By the end of this Course you will

O     Be able to analyze your Reader/User population and be able to use that information to create a better document.

O     Deal with the sources of information (especially the people) you need to create a useful User Document.

O     Create and organize a list of topics that will help your Readers gain the maximum use from the product.

O     Be able to write about each of the topics you have listed.

O     Be able to revise your writing (ignoring the main rules of grammar)

O     Be able to structure your document and its links and references to provide the best possible access to the information your document provides.

O     Be able to sleep at night knowing that you can create an excellent User Document.

O     To believe that good documentation is a necessary part of any product.† To believe that you can write (and will be writing) great documentation.†

O     To believe that you have to care for your User/Reader.† You have to write based on your realistic assumptions about the Userís attitude, skills, experience, and knowledge.† You must understand that your goal is to help your User be successful with your product.

You Are Now A Professional Writer

Right now, start thinking of yourself as a Professional Writer.††

As a Professional you will

O     Strive to do the best work for your Reader (who is your customer or client)

O     Work to overcome the obstacles in your project

O     Be firmly grounded in reality

O     Become a resource for information about the project

As a Writer you will

O     Strive for Completeness of the Information you provide

O     Strive for Clarity so your Reader will understand what you are trying to say

O     Strive for Compassion, so you will understand what your Reader needs from your User Documentation


At the completion of this Course you will know:††††

O     The necessary components of the documentation as a whole.

O     The necessary components of each section of your document.

O     The need to always be aware of where your Reader/User is and how you move them to the place they need to be.† That is, you will know how to present the material necessary to do what the Users need to do.

O     How to write the material that explains each of the topics in your document.

O     How to provide effective access to the information that you present

You will be actually writing the documentation that you need to write for your work.

If you have a User Document to write for your work, then you will be well on your way to having that document completed.† That's the best possible experience.†




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